Change Implementation Techniques for Forming Transitional Team, Creating Alignment, Maximizing Connectedness and Creativity

Section 11 - Bio-data of Bill Synnot

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organisational development change management

Personal Background

CONTACT DETAILS: Business - Managing Director, Bill Synnot & Associates,

Level 10, 12 Creek St., Brisbane, QLD, 4000, Australia

P: +61 (0) 418 196 707 F: +61 (0) 7 3399 7041 Skype: bill.synnot

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. W:

Facebook: bill.synnot YouTube: Bill.Synnot Twitter: bsynnot

Private - 15 Hipwood St., Norman Park, Qld., 4170, Australia


TERTIARY QUALIFICATIONS: B. Agriculture Science & B. Economics (Adelaide University)

FURTHER STUDIES: Candidate for Master in Economics (Adelaide University);

Politics 1 & 2 (Adelaide University);

Japanese Business Studies (SAIT);

Financial Management for General Managers (AIM);

Total Quality Management (Aust. Quality Council);

Certificate IV in Workplace Training (Category 2);

Stanford Leadership (Spiritus)

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Change management, executive coaching, organisational reviews (including business frameworks), training, team (establishment and development), facilitation, cultural diversity, creative thinking skills, planning, etc

WORK EXPERIENCE: Fiji, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Afghanistan, PNG,

(outside Australia) New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Europe and USA

CLIENT LIST: Bill Synnot & Associates have 700+ clients world-wide in the following sectors: private (including global, multi-national, national, regional, local, family & corporate), public (including national, state & local government), professional, educational (including universities), co-operatives & not-for-profit

ASSOCIATES: Has 10+ key associates and links with many consultancy groups

PUBLICATIONS: Co-authored a world-recognised, training book entitled "The Toolbox for Change: a practical approach" and CD on change management (60+ frameworks & 250+ tools); published in professional journals; presented at many conferences (including international)

SOME OUTSIDE Norman Park Primary School P & C C'tee; Beef 2002 Marketing C'tee; CPA

WORK ACTIVITIES: workshop C'tee; Ambassador (Year of the Outback - 2002); Bulimba Meals on

(past and current) Wheels Man. C'tee; Aust. Business Week mentor; Myasthenia Gravis Assoc. Qld Inc. Man. C'tee

MEMBERSHIPS: Aust. Inst. of Man.; Aust. Inst. of Man. Consultants; Aust. Inst.; Ag. Sc. & Techn.

(past and current) (accredited CPAg - Stage 3 as leading professional); Aust. Human Resources Inst.; Trustee of CEDA; Aust. Thai Business Assoc.; Aust. Soc. of Animal Prod.; Aust. Inst. of Company Director; Aust. China Society; Soc. of Business Communicators (Qld); Australian Facilitators' Network; Change Man. Inst; Myasthenia Gravis Assoc. Qld Inc.; Project Man. Inst.

FAMILY: Married with 2 adult sons

Professional Background


Bill grew up in rural Australia on a mixed farm (dairy/beef/fat lamb/irrigated cropping such as potato, corn, pastures, etc) in Victoria and then a sheep (wool) and cattle (beef) property in the south-east of South Australia.

He is recognised as one of the top organisational change management specialists. He has 40+ years of experience in management, consultancy and training around change management in Australia and internationally (Middle East, Japan, Asia, Europe, USA, Pacific region - Fiji, Solomon Islands, PNG & New Zealand - and the Indian sub-continent).

His firm embodies the virtual organisational concept with 700+ world-wide clients in the following sectors:

private (listed and unlisted companies, corporate, local, family, regional, national, multi-national, global, etc),

public (national, state, local, etc),

co-operatives (rural, housing, fishing, beef, etc),

professional (accountancy, fleet management, change management, facilitation, disability, HR, etc),

educational (universities, schools, TAFE, etc)

not-for-profit (charities, Indigenous, disability, volunteers, conservation, etc).

In addition to living/working overseas, he has lived/worked in regional, rural and remote areas in Australia, such as Mt Macedon (Victoria), Moree (NSW), Keith (SA) and Tennant Creek (NT).

Bill is registered on the Aust. Public Service panel and was an Australian Government registered consultant, ie as a licensee for operational improvement, and as a generalist for marketing, strategic and business planning, and he was a registered international consultant with AusAID, World Bank, FAO & ADB.

Owing to his experience as senior manager and consultant, Bill's approach is based on "hands on" experience and organisational change through people, with a focus on

"greenfield" or start-up organisations;

traditional, hierarchical organisations (with strong unions as key stakeholders) attempting a significant change program;

merging of different cultures;

change programs that have stalled or "gone off the rails".

In 1993 Bill started his own consultancy firm (Bill Synnot & Associates). In addition to having 10+ key associates, he has links with most of the major consulting groups in Australia and in the Pacific area. He was a founding director of the Aurora Consulting Group. Aurora's vision is

"...integrating diversity for the future..."

In Aurora's first year of operation, it was named by Business Queensland (1998), as one of the leading management consultancy organisations in Queensland.

Bill's main focus is on organisational change management (including changing behaviours, organisational and cultural transforming, transition, renewing, reinventing, recreating, revitalising, repositioning and the human journey of change). Also, as part of this, he has expertise in:

executive coaching and mentoring (including cross-cultural)

creative thinking

facilitating planning (scenario, corporate, strategic and business)

facilitating conflict resolution

facilitating workshops and courses (including tertiary)

conducting organisational reviews (including developing business frameworks)

developing the team concept of management

leadership development

improving team performance

making futurist predictions

conducting feasibility studies

training and staff development

improving corporate management

conducting institutional strengthening

facilitating networked breakfast meetings

developing creative thinking skills

community liaison

business process re-engineering

developing strategic alliances and partnerships

facilitating cultural awareness studies

goal setting

conducting market research and surveys

facilitating community development

investigating wealth-creating opportunities and financial planning

chairing meetings (from Board level down)

writing as a columnist, co-authoring a book and publishing in professional journals

speaker and panelist (including international and professional conferences/forums) on topics such as

- change management and associated issues

- human capital/resources

- relationship building

- strategic & business planning

- corporate strategies

- cultural diversity

- customer interface

- customer care

- change management in international cultures

- change and culture

- selection criteria for change management frameworks and implementation techniques

- leadership and ethics during organisational change

- global issues for the next millennium

- developing creative thinking techniques

- alliance/partnership development

- talent management

- time management

- personal growth and development

- team development

- risk management

- performance management

- continuous improvement

- workplace effectiveness

- managing upwards

- roles and responsibility of Boards and senior management, etc

Since 1996 he has regularly conducted public and in-house training session, like Masterclasses, on organisational change management and associated topics like change management for project management.

Public training sessions are conducted in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide) and internationally Orlando, (USA), Auckland (NZ), Suva (Fiji), Port Moresby (PNG) and Honiara (Solomon Islands)). Some of these sessions were partnered with Bond University's Centre for Executive Education, University of South Pacific (Fiji), Clayton Utz, Change Management Institute, KMS Training, Training & Productivity Authority (Fiji), Asian Productivity Organisation (Japan), Polson Training, Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry, etc. People attending and benefitting from this training include chairpersons/directors/CEOs/senior management/change agents/consultants/HR practitioners, etc from 600+ leading organisations (Australian and International) covering all sectors. Many organisations have sent multiple representatives on repeat occasions.

Furthermore, Bill has conducted in-house training on organisational change management and associated matters for organisations like Public Service Commission (Fiji), Charles Sturt University, QBE Mercantile Insurance, Relationships Australia (SA), SMS Consulting, Boeing Australia, Queensland Treasury, Road Transport Authority (NSW), Housing Authority (Fiji), Fijian Electricity Authority, Thomson, Australian Vinyls, TAFE NSW ‐ New England Institute, Asian Productivity Organisation, Lifeline, Prospect Consulting, Opticon, Golding Contractors, Thomson, National Fiji Provident Fund, Prospect Consulting Group, Telecom Fiji Limited, Fiji National University (previously Training & Productivity Authority - Fiji), Connect (Fiji), Xceed (Fiji), Transtel (Fiji), Fiji Sugar Corporation, Transend, ACE, Solomon Islands Electricity Authority, Solomon Island National University (previously Solomon Islands College of Higher Education), Solomon Islands Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development, Motabhai, Soltuna, National Fishing Development, Parliamentary Officers (Solomon Islands), Telikom (SI), Punjas (Pacific), World Wildlife Fund, SolWater, etc.

Bill's courses on Change Management were recognised by Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (Australia) (2013)

He has co-authored a best-selling change management training book (The Toolbox for Change: a practical approach); it 3rd edition being currently prepared. This book describes 60 user-friendly, change implementation tools. He had co-compiled a CD entitled Organisational Change Management that showcasing 50+ change management frameworks and 200+ change implementation techniques for practitioners. Also he regularly invited to contribute/present to professional journals/conferences on a range of topics including Change Management, Impact of Global Issues, Strategic Planning, Cultural Diversity, Time Management, Talent Management, Personal Development & Growth and many more. Some of these conferences, etc were organised by Bond University; University of Qld.; Qld. University of Technology; University of South Pacific; Change Management Institute; Association of Change Management Professionals; Whole of Qld Government, Community of Practice; Prosci Global Conference; Aust. Soc. of Cert. Practising Accountants (Qld); Australian Disability Employment Services; Australasian Facilitators' Network; Australian Fleet Management Association (AfMA); Local Government Association of Queensland; International Co-operative Alliance & Registry of Co-operatives; NSW Federation of Co-operatives; Irrigation Association of Australia, Nolan Meats, Fijian HR Institute, Society of Business Communicators (Qld),etc

Selected Presentations & Publications by Bill Synnot

Case Study - Myasthenia Gravis, (School of Psychology, Uni. of Queensland, Australia, May 2014)

Keeping the Brain On-side - Working with the Brain so that HR is the Core Business, (FHRI CEOs Conference, Fiji, April 2014)

- For University of South Pacific (Fiji campus ‐ 2012 onwards)

i) inaugural facilitator on Change Management module for executives undertaking post-graduate studies, ie Professional Diploma in Business Leadership, as lead-in to MBA program (2012 & 2013)

ii) keynote speaker at the Business School for its MBA students (accredited with Association of MBAs), eg

change management, (Leadership Forum, September 2012)

on a range of topics like creating a culture for change, importance of soft skills, personal growth and development, team development, learning and time management (MBA program, April & August 2013, February & August 2014)

iii) change management module in the Senior Executive Leadership Training Programme (Public Service Commission - Fiji) (February/March 2013)

iv) conduct a public Masterclass on Organisational Change Management (August 2013)

v) presenter at Vinod Patel ‐ Leadership and Excellence workshop (August 2013)

vi) inaugural facilitator for Punjas's certificate in Management Development (July & October 2013) on topics like

Building High Performance Teams(developing high performance teams, quality customer service & building strong customer care team)

Business Planning & Risk Management(risk management, business planning & performance management)

Creating Innovative Work Environments, Continuous Improvement and Workplace Effectiveness(creative thinking, change management & toolkit for change)

Neuroscience ‐ bringing into focus the science behind the practical art of change management, (Brisbane, NeuroLeadership Symposium, October 2012)

Leadership and Culture, Play It Safe Forum, (Nolan Meats, Qld., Australia, August 2012)

Our experiences with change management, co-presentation with Prof. Ken Parry (Bond University), (Insight Group, December 2011)

Best Practice in the Facilitation of Change Management, (Australiasian Facilitators Network Conference, Australia, November 2011).

Lessons (17) Learnt from Progressing Claims for Total and Permanent Disability re Myasthenia Gravis with 2 Insurance Organisations (Myasthenia Gravis Association of Queensland, Australia, June ‐ August 2011)

- Presented at Whole of Government Managing Change, Community of Practice (Qld) on following topics:

i) common management errors in change management (March 2010)

ii) change management implementation techniques (June 2010)

iii) integrating project management and change management (June 2011)

Demystifying Change, (Aust. Disability Employment Services Conference, Australia, June 2011)

"Building Competencies for Integrating Change Management and Project Management", co-facilitating a pre-conference workshop, (2011ACMP Global Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA, May 2011)

Criteria for Selecting Change Frameworks and Implementation Techniques, Benchmarks, Boundaries & Beyond, (Change Management Institute 2010 Conference, Sydney, Australia, August 2010)

Corporate Change Management, co-authored with Abraham Simpson, The Fiji Accountant, (Journal of the Fiji Institute of Accountants, Fiji, June 2010)

Change Management in International Cultures, co-presented with Tom Marsicano, Wendy Appel & Kamla Rampersad de Silva, Best Practices in Change Management (Prosci Global Conference, Las Vegas, USA, May 2010)

Organisational Change Management (50+ Frameworks & 200+ Techniques), co-compiled with Odile HBH Williams, (Bill Synnot & Associates, Australia, 2010)

The Toolbox for Change: a practical approach, co-authored with Rosie Fitzgerald, (Dunjugah, Australia - 1st edition, 2007; 2nd edition, 2010)

Change Management in Volatile Times, Masterclass, (2009), (Bill Synnot & Associates, Australia, 2009)

- A business expert panelist, Change Management Practitioner Competencies workshops, (Change Management Institute (Qld) on following competencies:

i) coaching (2009 & 2010)

ii) facilitation (2009 & 2010)

Organisational Change, (Davidson Trehaire Corpsych, Australia, October, 2008)

Executive Coaching ‐ Is it Worthwhile?, co-authored with Peter Akers, Council Leader, (Local Government Association of Queensland, Australia, June - July 2008)

Most People are not Against Change, but the Way it is Handled, co-authored with Rosie Fitzgerald, (DirectorBooks, AICD Publications, Australia, 2008)

Change Management, RCB Regional Conference, (Australian Communications and Media Authority, Australia, 2007)

How to Handle Change in Your Organisation, (Society of Business Communicators (Qld), Australia, 2007)

Successful Organisational Transition - a practitioner's guide, (Aurora Consulting Group and Bill Synnot & Associates, Australia, 1st edition 2005; 2nd edition 2006; 3rd edition 2007, 4th edition 2008),

Columnist in Bush Investor, Australia, (regional newsletter)

- Yes, you can make a difference....If you care!!!!!!!!, (October 2004)

- Re-vitalise your S-curve before it is too late!!!!!!, (August 2004)

- Mind mapping ‐ Now, I'd like to see that!!!!!!, (July 2004)

- Good storytelling captures the audience more than facts and figures!!!, (June 2004)

- I've been everywhere.......With my eyes closed!!!!, (May 2004)

- Oh what a challenge ‐ Get Ingrid!!!, (April 2004)

The Talent Management Conundrum ‐ to Grow or to Buy, HR Conference 2004, (Local Government Association of Queensland, Australia, 2004)

Successful Organisational Transition, (Aurora Consulting Group, Australia, 1st edition 1999; 2nd & 3rd editions 2000, 4th edition 2001, 5th edition 2002, 6th edition 2003, 7th edition 2004)

Change Management (as an Individual Journey), Public Sector Symposium, (Aust. Soc. of Cert. Practising Accountants (Qld), Australia, 1999)

Major Global Influences at the Start of the New Millennium, Not-for-Profit Seminar, (Aust. Soc. of Cert. Practising Accountants (Qld), Australia, 1999)

Successful Organisational Transition (including change management), (Aurora Consulting Group, Australia, 1st edition, 1998; 2nd edition, 1999),

Handle Cultural/Gender Diversity, Management Accounting Seminar, Aust. Soc. of Cert. Practising Accountants (Qld), Australia, 1998)

Successful Change Management - How to Create the Peak Performance Organisation, (KMS Training, Australia, 1998)

Effective Change Management & Killer Strategies, Financial Accounting Seminar, (Aust. Soc. of Cert. Practising Accountants (Qld), Australia, 1997)

Organisational Transformation - How to Create the Peak Performance Organisation, (KMS Training, Australia, 1997)

Organisation Transformation - How to Lead and Manage Change Effectively, (KMS Training, Australia, 1st edition, 1996; 2nd edition, 1997)

Executive Summary of the Business Process Review, (501 WG, RAAF, Base Amberley, Qld., Australia, 1996)

Developing a Vision - Reality or Hyper Reality, Australian Solutions, Irrigation Australia, (Irrigation Association of Australia, Australia, 1996)

Strategic Planning - is it Worthwhile? Seminar for Directors and Managers of Co-operatives (NSW Federation of Co-operatives, Australia, 1996)

Compare Your Work with Conway's categories, (Quality Australia, Australia, Vol 11 No. 5, 1994)

Consultant's Perspective on Joint Ventures, Seminar (Co-operative Trade & Export Opportunities),(International Co-operative Alliance and Registry of Co-operatives, NSW, Australia, 1994)

Some Testimonials on Work Conducted by Bill Synnot


Dr Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt, Professor (International Management Centre, Buckingham, UK) and Adjunct Professor (Griffith and Southern Cross Universities)

"...I was impressed by your theoretical and practical knowledge on organisational change and transformation, but especially by your experiential knowledge and stories as a CEO. Everyone I talked to had the highest regard for you as the guru in this field..."

Michael Dontschuk, Group Treasurer, Grange Resources Limited (previously Principal, Dontschuk & Associates; Group Treasurer, ANZ; Managing Director, Treasury Corporation of Victoria)

"...After attending one of Bill Synnot's public workshops on change management, I have used the services of Bill Synnot & Associates for over a decade. The range of services included facilitating retreats/workshops, training, team development, creative thinking, chairing meetings, executive coaching, general managerial advice, etc. I always found Bill Synnot & Associates to be very professional, able to understand our needs and help us to challenge ourselves in a non-threatening way..."

Peter Akers, Chairman of SES (Victoria) (previously Chairman of the VICSES Flood Review Committee, Chairman Port Philip & Western Port Catchment Management Authority; CEO, Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Service Board, Victoria; CEO, Bayside City Council)

"...When CEO of Melbourne Fire Brigade, I attended a Synnot change management workshop which I found extremely beneficial. I subsequently used Bill Synnot and Associates to help our organisation undergo extensive cultural and processes changes. I found Bill Synnot and his associates to be highly knowledgeable, experienced in the field of change and skilful in the utilisation of a variety of proven tools and strategies to facilitate change management and get staff buy-in which resulted in accelerated ownership of the change process by middle management..."

Tony Trew, Director Tampal Consulting, (previously Vice President & GM Aerospace Support, Boeing Australia)

"...Over a decade Boeing Australia call on the services of Bill Synnot and Associates to help in Boeing's change programme. We regularly used their change implementation techniques to successfully encourage staff engagement and empowerment..."

Tony Murphy, Executive Advisor, Fire Services Commissioner Office (previously Chief Fire Officer Melbourne Fire Brigade)

I have had the privilege of working closely with Bill Synnot over a long period and found his work to be soundly anchored in academic research, however the real skill of Bill is being able to link theory into practice which really rounds out any individual and provides them with tools to place in their toolbox.

Paul White, National Marketing Manager, Nufarm Australia Limited

".We have been working with Bill since 2009 and it is his unique hands-on style that delivers functional outcomes. We are now working to each other's strengths and have developed cross functional teams within the business which has improved efficiency and productivity. Bill helps us challenge what we do and how we do it and as a result we have implemented many successful changes."

Michael Brodie, Director CSG Ltd. (previously Managing Director, Xerox Business Centre)

".It was refreshing to hear someone training who had been in the real (business) world and not just a textbook."

Wayne Tucker, General Manager, Transmission & Operation, Transend

"...I found the change framework and supporting information provided, together with Bill Synnot's practical knowledge and willingness to share his experiences of immense value in providing me with the necessary skills and techniques to undertake changes in a dynamic and often challenging operating environment..."

Trevor Davies, (previously CEO, Golding Contractors)

"...During my period as CEO of Golding Contractors we were always searching for new ways in which to improve our business. Continuous improvements are essential to maintain growth patterns. As improvements happen the inevitable changes to systems and management structures occur. I have found Bill Synnot's views on change management and the processes and guidance provided in his training/ consulting and his books delivered us with a new and positive approach to the challenge of change and how to promote change to our staff and to deal with the outcomes. I commend both the training/consulting and the book to you as a valuable tool in promoting and handling change in your organisation..."

Wendy Gillett, Director, Community Care, Sydney Region, Catholic Healthcare Limited (previously Director Operations, NSW Dept. of Tourism, Sport and Recreation)

".It's always challenging to take two days out for a training course, two whole days when you could be doing all these other things! However the benefits of attending the organisational transition program were immediate and ongoing. Apart from finding immense value in the practical approach on the day, the ongoing support and professional development that has been provided is exceptional. Anyone who attends the course will see it as a clear investment in the future for their organisation."

Gary Delbridge, Principal Consultant, Mybridge, (previously Managing Director, G. C. Hahn & Co (Australia) Pty. Ltd.)

".Every manager who is serious about gaining maximum performance from their organisation needs to attend the Bill Synnot workshop. It opened up enormous opportunities I never knew existed. Two days very well spent."

Greg Giles, Senior Consultant: Organisational Learning and Development, University of SA

".Change is the single most important element of organisational management today. If you want to be in charge of your future, then a smart step in the right direction is attending Bill Synnot's workshop on organisational transformation. Bill understands change from both the expert and practitioner's perspective. He offers all who attend a wealth of ideas, advice and resources. Take my advice and go!..."

Stephen Cantwell, Principal, Stephen Cantwell & Associates (previously Acting CEO, QR)

"...I can confirm that your work has exceeded my expectations in terms of compliance with the brief......I look forward to working with you again in the future..."

Mark Scholem, State Manager, OneSteel Piping Systems, Victoria, Australia

".As a passionate user of change management processes, attending the workshop provided is a most welcome addition to the armoury of practical weapons I have employed to build my business. We have successfully used the knowledge and techniques gained in the workshop to change behaviour and achieve positive performance outcomes across the business. The workshop fits well with OneSteel's change management processes and is well aligned to support to our business challenges."

Michael Thomas, Group General Manager, Financial Services PGG Wrightson, (previously Group Manager, Landmark)

".An outstanding presenter with immediate application to current work environment. If you only have time for one course during the year, then this is the one to ensure a return on your investment."

Frank Vardanega, General Manager, Capability, Strategy & Finance, Main Roads (Qld.) (previously Project Co-ordinator, Change Integration Project, General Manager's Office, Brisbane City Council)

"...a good active learning seminar....very effective use of case studies and material (including international) to support the application of the 7 step process outlined in the seminar..."

Michael Graham, Managing Director, Landor Associates, Australia

".In two days Bill Synnot will download to you the decades of rich, entertaining and, above all, applied experience that he has with people and organisations in periods of change. Bill is a straightforward, no nonsense person who brings a unique ability to help you to balance the needs of the individual and the imperatives of the organisation in a time of change. Bill is not all soft and fuzzy and you will find these two days thought provoking and very, very useful. You will also see the lighter side of some tough situations!..."

Chad Moffiet, Business Development Officer, Pacific National, (previously Consultant, CCI Pope)

"...I found the course to be one of the most informative and interesting short courses that I have attended..."

Rebecca Barlow, Project Manager/Change Manager, News Digital Media

"...New to Change Management, the opportunity to exchange of real life experiences was enlightening. The volume of information obtained from this course far exceeded my expectations and has provided practical knowledge to progress with. Thoroughly recommended."

Mr Phil Hayward, President, NSW division, Institution of Surveyors Australia

"...I have attended and participated in several similar workshops, and this facilitator was way ahead of the others...."

Mr Ian Mathieson, Manager Director, Mathieson Management & Marketing, (previously Manager, Brisbane City Design, Brisbane City Council)

"...Excellent preparation and full marks to a facilitator who handled the workshop in a professional and a mature manner..."

Attendee to presentation at CPA's Not-for-Profit Conference

"...very dynamic presentation and quite thought-provoking.....topics discussed were quite innovative..."

Attendee to presentation at CPA's Public Sector Symposium

"...Very topical. Well presented - topic that needs a lot of attention by all..."

Attendee to presentation at CPA's Public Sector Symposium

"...Excellent speaker, adds balance to technical sessions during day. Good summary of key aspects..."

Attendee to presentation at CPA's Public Sector Symposium

"...very informative insight into human relations aspects and people management..."


Alipate Naiorosui, CEO Housing Authority.

"..Talk about Change Management? This is the one to attend. It is very practical, very timely in consideration of local business challenges against the backdrop of global economic situation. A must to attend for CEO's and senior managers who want to continuously take their organisation to the next level. Led by Bill Synnot with the local and regional experiences in implementing change by Mr Taito Tabaleka and Mr Abraham Simpson adds value to the whole program of what works and what does not. This is real practical stuff..."

Deve R Toganivalu, CEO, Fijian Development Bank

"...The MasterClass is very relevant considering the global economic meltdown and very practical in terms of the local Fiji business challenges. The frameworks and the tools to use are very practical and applicable in any situation. The experiences of what works and what does not is a great bonus for anyone attending. This is real practical stuff" "

Tevita Madigibuli, Senior Manager, Fijian Development Bank

".I am extremely satisfied with the content and delivery and the excellent insights on our local setting & environment."

Ioane Koroivuki, CEO Fintel

"...Being someone coming in from a purely technical background and with limited experiences on change management, I found the programme to be very beneficial, especially with the added local flavour presented through the experiences you shared.......I'm currently working through the toolbox which I am finding of benefit personally, but will be at organisational level as well..."

Sakiasi Seru, Acting CEO, Telecom Fiji Limited

"...The experience is interesting with participants from different backgrounds in the Masterclass broadens the awareness that all industries goes through the same road to before achieving successful outcomes.

The networking established after the master Class is the most valuable experience achieved..."

Eugene Singh, COO, Telikom PNG, (previously General Manager, Strategy & New Venture, Telecom Fiji Ltd.)

"The value of attending the Change Master Class is in learning how to apply these critical tools to real life situations. The exchange of this knowledge by experienced change professionals makes the difference."

Soro Toutou, CEO, Office of the Supervisor of Elections (Fiji)

"...This course is a must attend one for managers who want to make a difference in their workplace and home front as well. As you are aware, I have gone through it and learnt tones of knowledge and know-how of how to manage resources and empower people in the organization through team work..."

Solomon Islands

Patricia Rodie, Deputy Director, Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (now University of Solomons)

".Being new in the CEO position I found the seven ingredients to successful organizational transition very useful."

Banabus Anga, Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Commerce, Government of the Solomon Islands

".Masterclass has enabled/exposed me to a range of tools to apply in my Ministry in our endeavours to fulfil expectations of our climb in the 21st century."

Freddy Kafoa, Service Manager, Daltron (SI) Ltd.

".This is an eye opener to me in the IT industry. The tools and techniques will help me develop further changes that will strengthen our deliverables with our company..."

Francis Ramoifuila, Dean of Corporate Services, Solomon Islands College of Higher Education

"The workshop is most suitable for Chief Executives and senior managers."

Moses Tongare, Program Manager, RAMSI/AusAID

".Found the course really inspirational and informative. The presenter's experiences/ reflections together with other participants were really useful."

Leah Alufo'oa (Inspt), Director Finance and Administration, Correctional Service of Solomon Islands

".Thank you for extending the invitation to CSSI and looking forward to future training on change management..."

Noelyne Biliki, Director Planning, Ministry of Education, Solomon Island Government

".The topics covered in the two days training are very useful tools to support my role as the director of planning in the MEHRD..."

Margaret Qoloni, HR Manager, Ministry of Education, Solomon Island Government.

".A must training for senior officials ‐ opens more ways to improving self and organisations."

Robert Ma'asi, Solomon Islands Electricity Authority

".The tools that we're learned will help me a lot not only in my work place, but also in walks of life."

Don Fakaril, Solomon Islands National Provident Fund

".Very life changing. Practical and necessary. I would recommend to all leaders and employees."

Benedict Esibaea, Ministry of Education, Solomon Island Government

".Find the program very useful and relevant when MEHRD is working on structural review."

Aseri Yalangono, Ministry of Education, Solomon Island Government

"...The training has opened new insights into change management concepts. I think we are ready for our restructure..."

Steve Boon, Head of Sales & Marketing, Solomon Island Telekom

".We have used the principle and mind mapping for a simple small project already. And some of the learning from the interesting chat on Solomon Island culture is already influencing my approach to projects."


Brian Sam, Head of Change Management, Telikom PNG Limited

".the change tools and concepts presented in Change Masterclass were very enlightening to leading and managing change in the challenging business environment. I have found especially the 52 different change frameworks to be very useful and applicable in real business environment..."

Frazer Sapulai Pitpit, Public Solicitor of PNG

".These were the most fruitful 2 days of training that I have undergone for a long time."

Joe S. Hamsen, General Manager, Lihir Mining Area Landowners Association Inc (PNG)

"...The systems introduced from your workshop will be invaluable to guiding our team through the change process..."

Charlie Gilichibi, Acting Chief Operating Officer, National Superannuation Fund (NASFUND)

".I truly value the concepts learnt at the training given we're going through a change exercise at our organisation. It also reinforces some of the change tools we're utilising."

Robert Sikuri, PNG Microfinance

".Personally believe this will really enhance and contributes to my ways of doing things as in my personal life and in my organisation I am with."

Nigel Biambo, PNG Immigration & Citizenship

".The workshop is useful for me to enhance my skills in managing change."

Benny Wusi, OK Tedi Mining

"...With these skills learnt I can make positive change and know how to deal with resistance..."

Ricksie Agope, PNG Microfinance

"..In just 2 days learnt eye opening tools and skills. This is a great course..."

Robert Sikuri, PNG Microfinance

"..This program is very powerful and really if all the skills and tactics will be a beneficial both in self-development and organisation..."

Lawes Omeri, PNG Microfinance

"..The training is very inspiring and has provided the needed tools for change management. Change management is like a journey and we need to have the right tools to get to the desired destination in an organisation. It has opened my mind to see and think outside the box..."

John Melvin, Financial Controller, Lihir Mining Area Landowners Association Inc (PNG)

"...I have learnt a great deal of tools and can use them..."

Kupulu Mere, Business Transformation Manager, PNG Ports

"...very rewarding, empowering and educational. Feel very equipped with what I need to know about change management..."

Reviews on Book

("The Toolbox for Change: a practical approach" by Bill Synnot and Rosie Fitzgerald)

James Carlopio, Professor of Management, Associate Dean and Director of the Centre for Executive Education, Bond University, Australia

".Synnot & Fitzgerald provide a one-stop-shop for all of your change tool needs. The Toolbox for Change is really more like a treasure chest. From personal awareness to organisational culture to creativity and dealing with resistance and teams, the authors provide dozens of important tools for addressing change."

Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt, PhD (UQ), PhD (Deakin), DLitt (IMCA, UK), Adjunct Professor, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

".As the title suggests, this book takes a practical approach to change management, training and development......This comfortable marriage of conceptual/philosophical and practical information distinguishes the 'toolbox' from other practical handbooks and is a real strength of this book. The book is written in clear, concise, jargon-free English. It is logically structured in seven sections around 60 user-friendly tools, making it suitable for a do-it-yourself approach and with widespread application to individuals, groups/teams, organizations and communities..."

Lawry Scandar, Director, Osiris Group (Management Consultancy)

".The authors' gift for cutting through the rhetoric, making theories immediately useful, is evident from the first few paragraphs of this book! When you're done with mind-boggling theories, change management principles, non-relevant case studies and examples and you simply need a pragmatic approach to simply.."GETTING ON WITH IT".this is the book for you! No other text incorporates the complexity of Change Management tools as this ‐ all used and proven over many years by the authors, across significantly diverse organisations and cultures. For change and transition practitioners, this impressively rich and comprehensive reference offers a vast choice of tools and models at your fingertips..explained simply and ready to use. This book is guaranteed to pay for itself many times over."

Judith Madigan, Production Editor, Publication Services, Australian Institute of Company Directors

"...I like the way you have pulled together the different tools for change. People usually have to buy books that are dedicated to one philosophy on change management, so it is useful to find them in one book..."

Adrian Hallewell, Riverbend Bookshop (Australian Independent Bookshop of the Year ‐ 2006)

".The practical tool box approach is great. I can see there's a lot of very good material, and I like the way they've used stories to demonstrate their points."

Peter C. Hexel, PhD, University Lecturer, Psychologist, Senior Advisor for Organisational Development (Organisational Learning), Management, Training and Supervision/ Coaching, Vienna, Austria

In a hard empirical effort Bill Synnot & Rosie Fitzgerald have created an outstanding handbook ..for the informed well as for professional advisors and organisational developers. This sophisticated compendium includes the ultimate tools for change and change-processes alike. It is an "All in One" tool kit for practical use..outline of this toolbox allows an easy handling and reflects highly experienced lecturers/trainers and developers/advisors."

Mark Scholem, State Manager, OneSteel Piping Systems, Victoria, Australia

".As a passionate user of change management processes, the tool kit is a most welcome addition to the armoury of practical weapons I have employed to build my business. Over the past six months we have successfully used some key tools to change behaviour and achieve positive performance outcomes across the business. The tools fit well with OneSteel's change management processes and are well aligned to support to our business challenges."

Greg Giles, Manager, Organisational Learning and Development, Human Resources, University of South Australia, Australia

"...Change is the watchword for the new millennium. As technological, economic and social forces are combining at a faster place to create new challenges, many organisations are struggling to survive in this turbulent environment. Helping us all rise to meet the challenges are Synnot and Fitzgerald, who have developed a simple, accessible and - above all - practical toolbox that helps us to respond to change in complex work environments. There are plenty of books out there about change but few as practical and useful as this. It is highly recommended for managers and practitioners."

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