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"...I've been familiar with Bill Synnot’s work for years and frequently recommend it to my clients. It's brilliant to see it now available via an App - it's a valuable resource that I use often..."

Jo Grubb

Global Adoption & Change Management, Microsoft & previously with QSuper and Deloitte Consulting


"...Having been a fan of Bill's Change Management Toolkit book for many years, I was thrilled when I found out that the content was now available via an app. The app is an incredibly handy and useful reference tool. An essential app for anyone who wants to take their change leadership and facilitation to another level..."

Michelle Gibbings

Founder and Director of Change Meridian, and held senior management positions at NAB and AMP.


"...In his change work, Bill Synnot brings together substantial experience, wide reading, and an ability to write very practical material. His experience spans a variety of organisations, including overseas. His repertoire of processes and strategies is large. His ability to synthesise material allows him to draw on his experience and understanding. In addition he is a thoroughly decent person..."

Bob Dick

Independent scholar, educator, facilitator, coach, author & change consultant who has worked in universities like Southern Cross University, University of Queensland & Griffith University


"...This app provides an easily accessible and well catalogued collection of useful information, frameworks, checklists and quotes to help initiate or guide most activities around organisational renewal. This data can be used in planning or help to develop solutions to change management issues or tasks..."

Bob Dall’Alba

Executive Director & Country Head, Australia, Olam International


"...Informative bank of change management. Lots of information for change management practitioners on change frameworks, tools and techniques to successfully implement change initiatives..."

Taito Tabaleka

Managing Director, Tabaleka Associates Ltd & previously COO, PNG Telekom and Group CEO of TFL (Fiji)


"...I love how easy it so to get answers to any question you may have! I also like the real examples & insights provided..."

Megan Giles

Retirement Transition Consultant

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