Change Implementation Techniques for Forming Transitional Team, Creating Alignment, Maximizing Connectedness and Creativity

What are Customers Looking for?

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The product/service to focus on "the job-to-be-done", ie

"...People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole..."

Ted Levitt as quoted by Clayton Christensen et al, 2003

Bottom-line benefits such as making money and/or saving money

Value-adding partnerships that generate customer loyalty/retention. The aim of a value- adding partnership is to make this a positive relationship, and to grow it so that you tie the customer to your firm and make it a long-term relationship. A 5% increase in customer loyalty can increase profits from 25% to 85%. This is done by knowing your customer (achieved via regular contact and conducting surveys). The aim of value-adding partnerships is to :

- make it positive;

- grow with your customer so that it ties your customer to your organisation;

- make it a long-term relationship.

Leading-edge technology and advice

Personalised services, ie. services and/or products that customers want and are available, reliable and suitable (not necessarily more choice but personalised)

Products and/or services that the customer wants, when they are wanted, so that it is convenient to the customer, rather than convenient to you and your organisation


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