Change Implementation Techniques for Forming Transitional Team, Creating Alignment, Maximizing Connectedness and Creativity

Technique 7.2 Criteria for Selecting the Best Talent

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According to Jack Welch (2005), the following criteria need to be considered when selecting people for a position:

Acid test

i) integrity (people with integrity tell the truth and keep their word)

ii) intellectual curiosity (don't confuse education with intelligence)

iii) maturity (can withstand the heat, handle stress and setbacks; enjoy the successes with humility. Furthermore, mature people respect the emotions of others; they feel confident but not arrogant; they have a good sense of humour, especially about themselves)

(NB As there are no valid tests for these 3, need to rely on reference checks, reputation, behavioural interviews and intuition)

4 Es and 1 P

i) possess positive energy

ii) ability to energize others

iii) have the edge, ie the courage to make tough decisions, especially with incomplete information

iv) able to execute, ie the ability to get the job done

v) have passion for the job and life in general


i) possess authenticity (self-confidence and conviction with a realness)

ii) ability to see around corners (have a special capacity, ie 6th sense, to anticipate the radically unexpected or the ability to imagine the un-imaginable)

iii) able to surround themselves with people who are better and smarter than themselves

iv) resilience (need to learn from mistakes and be able to bounce back)

(source: Jack Welch et al, 2005)

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