Change Implementation Techniques for Forming Transitional Team, Creating Alignment, Maximizing Connectedness and Creativity

Technique 3.1 Questions for Planning the Transition Focus

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(what are we doing this for?)

A series of questions for a transitional team to answer.

Why is the change urgent?

- Are we driven by external forces?

- Is there a crisis? Or is there a collective desire to create something together?

Who wants this to happen?

- Who (in or out of the group) has set change as a priority?

- Are there clearly defined sponsors of the change effort?

- Are we aware of their needs and the pressures they feel?

- What might be the reasoning behind their requests?

What results do we want to produce?

- What, specifically, is the change we are seeking?

- If the change takes place, what will that get us?

- How will our efforts benefit customers?

- What are the criteria for success or failure? How will we know whether we have won or lost?

- What is the appropriate amount of time before we will see results?

How will we change?

- What kinds of new capabilities will we need to develop? And how will we develop them?

- Which aspects of our current work and practices will be affected by the change?

- What challenges do we expect to face? And how can we prepare for them?

Who will be involved?

- Will the change initiative mean new activities for everyone on the pilot group?

- Should other people (inside or outside the group) be included?

Where is our support?

- In the organisation at-large, what is the reputation of our group, and of our sponsor?

- Will that help or hinder us?

What do I, personally, have to do?

- When will the change initiative begin?

- What steps do I need to take, and in which domain?

- What skills and capabilities would I like to gain? And what do I want to do first?

- What do I hope to learn?

(source: Peter Senge et al, 1999)

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