Change Implementation Techniques for Creating a Sense of Urgency

Technique 2.74 Corporate Cholesterol test

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Determine if change is needed - and what type of change - by answering the following questions by circling "yes" or "no"

1. The quality of communications and collaboration

1.1 Do staff interact only with people from their own group? Yes/No

1.2 Are there strong subcultures that align with business groups or divisions? Yes/No

1.3 Are there breakdowns in communications caused by the formation of silos? Yes/No

1.4 Has collaboration between groups decreased over the last 5 years? Yes/No

Total number (communications & collaboration) Yes...........No.......

2. The capacity to adapt

2.1 Are many staff uncomfortable with change? Yes/No

2.2 Do staff and groups operate according to well-established routines? Yes/No

2.3. Has it been a long time since your organisation developed a significant new revenue stream? Yes/No

2.4 Has the percentage of revenue from new streams decreased over the last 5 years? Yes/No

Total number (capacity to adapt) Yes...........No.......

3. The balance of power among groups

3.1 Do influential groups or individuals use most of the organisation's resources? Yes/No

3.2 Is it difficult for staff outside the organisation's central group to obtain resource? Yes/No

3.3 Do influential groups or individuals impede decision-making? Yes/No

3.4 Have the groups or individuals that were influential 5 years ago extended their influence? Yes/No

Total number (balance of power) Yes...........No.......

Final score

- less than 3 "yes" answers (no need to change just yet)

- 3 to 7 "yes" answers (need to change)

- Over 7 "yes" answers (a substantial change is needed immediately)

(source: Freek Vermeulin, et al, 2010)

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