Change Implementation Techniques for Creating a Sense of Urgency

Technique 2.29 Some Questions for Analysing an Organisation

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Some questions to help identify a sense of urgency

1. What factors are contributing to the existing size of the workforce, eg expanding or downsizing?

2. What types of communication problems exist, eg staff/line?

3. Is the organisation centralised or decentralised?

4. What is the degree of diversity of skills and interests in the workforce?

5. What specific people programs, eg EEO, work and family programs, are in place?

6. What programs are in place for skill formation, eg skills upgrading?

7. What is the nature of conflict in the organisation, eg between various layers of management, divisions and functions?

8. Have there been shifts in power from generalists to specialists, eg specialists refusing to report to generalists?

9. Are there conflicts between the "old guard" and the "new guard", eg experienced people refusing to listen to new ideas? What are the main issues here?

10. Are there difficulties in integrating groups from different ethnic backgrounds in the workplace?

11. To what extent have work values changed, eg demands for greater autonomy?

12. To what extent is the workforce climate focused upon corporate identity versus individual autonomy?

(source: Ann Brewer, 1995)

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