Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Potential Challenges at Ingredient 4

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(creating alignment)

(NB Challenges are not necessarily in order of importance and includes some suggestions on how to handle the challenges)

. Too many plans, directives and programs but no shared focus/vision/purpose. This results in a lack or absence of alignment and causes a lack of direction for projects and activities despite an abundance of plans, directives and programs, and results in employees being confused or alienated.

. Not enough commitment and passion by both management and staff for the new direction

i) Focus/Purpose

ii) Personal Purpose

iii) Statements

iv) Shared Values

v) Perform But Not Share Values

vi) Mindfulness

vii) Information Stick

viii) One Project Per Time

ix) Press Right Buttons

x) Alignment

xi) Too Much Communication

xii) Managing Upwards

xiii) Technology

xiv) Emails

xv) Short-Term Indicators

xvi) Communication

xvii) Handling People

xviii) Continuous Process

xix) Motivation

xx) Anxiety

xxi) Staff (Attraction V Engagement)

xxii) Handling Status Quo

xxiii) Inappropriate Management Approaches


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