Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Eight Primary Responsibilities of the Transitional Team

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1. Establish context for change and provide guidance ‐ it is the team's role to make sure that everyone in the organisation shares a common understanding of the direction the organisation wants to take

2 Stimulate conversations ‐ most change efforts are fundamentally about moving information across old and obsolete boundaries. This is especially the case in older and larger organisations that have formalised their operations in functional isolation, so that conversations across levels and functions rarely take place. It is a critical task of the team to organise early conversations between different parts of the organisation. Early, open-ended dialogue often results in the most productive outcomes

3. Provide appropriate resources ‐ the team should have the power to allocate resources to make things happen, and the power to kill projects that are no longer needed

4. Co-ordinate and align projects ‐ as the process of change develops, programs, task forces, teams and projects proliferate. This can create a great deal of enthusiasm, energy and activity. On the other hand, it can cause confusion. The team needs to co-ordinate and align the different projects. This includes communicating in a coherent way to the whole organisation how the projects are aligned

5. Ensure congruence of messages, activities, policies and behaviour ‐ the team should look for inconsistencies that undermine the credibility of the change effort. The messages, behaviours and the rewards must match

6. Provide opportunities ‐ the team needs to ensure that all staff have the necessary resources, including information, so that they can make good decisions and take appropriate action

7. Anticipate, identify and address people problems ‐ as people issues are the heart of change, human resource expertise is required in the team, or must be readily available to the team

8 Prepare the critical mass ‐ it is important to design, from the very beginning, the resources and strategy necessary for moving the change process through the organisation. The team exists to establish a context for change and provide guidance throughout the transition

(source: John Kotter, 1996b)

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