Organisational Change Management Volume 2

General Comments on the 7 Ingredients

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. Use the 7 ingredients as a guide and road map in the transition process

. There is overlap between the ingredients and different degrees of emphasis in different situations

. The 7 ingredients create the conditions for people to discover in themselves how they need to change: they create a receptive work-environment and activate a process for transition and climate for change

"...Problem in all stages of a change effort is changing the behaviour of individual managers and employees..."

John Kotter, 2003

. Ingredient structure can be used as an audit framework to evaluate a "completed" change and/or an on-going change

. The 7 ingredients are aiming to develop individuals and organisations that have the following attitudes

- open and receptive to new ideas

- excited rather than anxious about change

- challenged, not threatened, by transitions

- committed to change as an ongoing process

- readiness rather than resistance

Furthermore, they are willing to initiate actions by

- anticipating and initiating change

- challenging the status quo

- creating, rather than reacting to, change

- leading, rather than following, competitors, customers and industry

. "Peer group" pressure is important in all the 7 ingredients


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