xxxiii) Paradigm

Not being able to confront the fundamental paradigm in which you are working, such as a marketing paradigm, management paradigm, accounting paradigm, etc. Initially, there is in need to acknowledge in what paradigm you are thinking before you can break out of that paradigm. This kind of thinking sounds threatening to many organisations.

" may well be that the reason most change initiatives fail so spectacularly is because they demand change at a level that the organisation is simply not capable of achieving..."

Carol Steiner as quoted by Harry Onsman, 2004a

When individuals in organisations realize that they have a choice about the way they relate to each other and to their organisation, it can lead to profound personal change.

"...the realisation you cannot control how the world is but you can control how you relate to the world can be an inspiring insight. At this point, it becomes your choice as to how you project yourself to the world..."

Carol Steiner as quoted by Harry Onsman, 2004a


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