xi) Make The Change Process Fun

. Give positive recognition to failure and setbacks associated with the change

. Look at all available resources like money, people and processes

. Must have top management and major stakeholders committed to the change

. Celebrate the ending of the old, and beginning of the new

. Change management is not a quick fix, so be careful of "short-termism"

. Use new tools, techniques and approaches to build on the platform of the past, and strike a balance with the new and the past. Some see this as the art of good leadership

. Change management is a process and not an event!

. The most difficult barriers to remove are attitudes associated with the organisational culture; systems are less difficult to remove

. If change involves loss of jobs, do this as quickly and painlessly as possible before you start the change as it is important not to allow the loss of jobs to taint the change process

. Use life-cycle forecasters, such as the "S curve" and "what if scenarios" (worst case scenarios) to prepare for the future. As the future is unpredictable, the only way to prepare for the unexpected is to build into all plans contingencies that specify what to do if the unexpected happens

. Be careful of the "activity trap or active inertia" in which people pursue many activities that are not focused, and do not produce results. While activities may sound good as they involve many people, if these activities are not focused on the key drivers of performance, they can cause problems such as system overload, misplaced emphasis and diversionary confusion.

. A simple philosophy applies: always try to do the right thing, never give up, and set an example of hard work

. As change is about behaviours, aim to make good behaviours habitual and automatic, ie you do them without thinking

. Usually people are very protective of their own turf. We see change as unnecessary interference. An incursion onto someone else's turf needs to be handled carefully: we need to perceive that the newcomer is not a threat but a help and has earned the right to be involved.


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