ii) Ten Cultural Commandments

1.  Can-do attitude (inspire and achieve by your attitudes and actions like commitment, hard work, perseverance, leading, acknowledging, etc; quick decision-making; creating theatre, entertainment and excitement around the brand)

2.  Customer satisfaction and perfect service (focus exclusively on the customer)

NB "...The more successful we can make the customer, the more successful we'll become......if we don't look after our customer somebody else will..."
Brett Blundy as quoted by Ann Hyland, 2016

You need to be innovative, exciting and relevant to your customers

3.  Respect (staff are part of a team; be a positive role model in your behaviours, etc; always be available for staff)

4. Continuous Improvement (strive for excellence and never be satisfied even if it means changing things; aim to over-achieve; learn while earning; maintain high standards as the norm; read widely)

5. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate (communicate continuously in all directions and ways possible, especially around the vision of where you want the business to be; listen as well as talking)

6. Costs are the Enemy (continuously find ways to reduce expenses, cut wastage/shrinkage; improve productivity; be disciplined; contain costs)

7.  Accountability (commit; take ownership; be responsible for your words, actions and results)

8.  Teamwork (succeed through efforts of teams, not individual performance)

9.  Trust (act in a manner that instils trust; it costs nothing to be a good person)

10. +1 (do it now; do everything with a sense of urgency; speed to market is important)

Stakeholders who have "skin in the game" , ie money invested, will have a better attitude than somebody who is just a paid employee (Anne Hyland, 2016),


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