x) Group Think

Not realizing that teams can gravitate towards group-think unless diverse skills and personalities are in the team. An optimal fit between personalities and job roles needs to be achieved. Skills include conscientiousness, creativity, resilience, diplomacy, etc, and team members should be allocated tasks based on both their personality and skill levels. For example, a conscientious person may be given the task of setting up a project and allocating roles. Also, these conscientious people can provide a role model of the type of dedication that is expected.

. Using language that others do not understand, ie jargon. It is important to explain complex ideas in a simple and accessible manner.

. While successful team working can reduce employees' work-related stress by allowing them greater discretion over their work environment and increasing job challenge, employee stress levels can escalate as a result of increased workloads and uncertainty about what is expected of team members under a team approach. Teams can be successful when they have a positive impact on issues such as job autonomy, skill variety and feedback.


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