v) Structural Power

Under-estimating the depth and forces of structural power that are present to maintain the status quo. This is associated with a perceived fear of being powerless; however, in resisting and subverting the status quo, you can exercise power

"...how one finds enough power to act and to do leadership differently seems.......central. Most leaders find that, to achieve change, they cannot rely on the formal authority that may come with the role. Additional sources of power and influence, including personal charisma and strengths in communication, networks or contacts, professional credibility, and so on must be called upon...."

Amanda Sinclair, 2007

Furthermore many managers feel powerless to act, or lead, differently without unreasonable risk to their professional status. Many feel powerless to manage the important matters in their lives or to be able to spend enough time on things that matter most to them. Sometimes silence and compliance with the status quo of power relations or institutional power is safer.

"...marginalization and domination arise not so much through individual personal relations but through often-invisible processes in hand in structural conditions..."

Amanda Sinclair, 2007

Preference Falsification

It is
"...the act of misrepresenting one's wants because of perceived social pressures. It aims specifically to manipulate the perception of others about one's motivations or dispositions..."
Timur Kuran as quoted by Virginia Postrel, 2017

At times it can mean going along with the prevailing view or majority opinion, irrespective of whether you agree with it.

An example of this is academics refraining from expressing doubts about a theory, concept, etc for fear of being ridiculed or losing friends, eg
"...on college campuses, conservative students and faculty staff commonly falsify their political preferences for fear of ostracism..."
Timur Kuran as quoted by Virginia Postrel, 2017

Another example is staff going along with their boss's point of view.

It is linked with a sense of powerlessness, ie people feign and pretend satisfaction and contentment. They keep their true feelings to themselves.



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