Ii) Uber (Mobile Application For Car Service Booking)

allows users to hire private cars and their drivers on short-notice via mobile phones. They are not a tech company but a hospitality firm with the traveller being the customer. It started in 2009; now in 115 cities globally with 900 employees; takes 20% commission. But it is facing regulatory issues around safety, non-licensed drivers, tax plus taxi-cab industry protests, eg 10,000 in London (mid 2014). It was valued at US$ 3.5 b (2013)

- 1000tools.com (re-purpose owned assets as a rental service) allows people to rent each other's power tools and equipment that they otherwise would have to buy directly

- Kitchit (professional service provider) allows customers to find skilled chefs to cook meals in their homes for dinner parties

- eBay and Etsy (peer-to-peer asset sales)

- Translators (freelance labour to be exchanged)

- Flatmates (online directory for room share partners) was started in 1997

- Property Collectives (property investment syndicate) was started in 2007


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