Technology Companies Are Rising And Falling Faster

The development of android and iOS destroyed Microsoft's near monopoly in operating systems in a mere 5 years with people adopting mobile computing more than 3 times faster than they did a desktop. It took around 15 years for Microsoft to dominate the desktop market after starting in the 1980s. Also, 2013 marked the worst decline in global PC shipments in history, ie 7 consecutive quarters of decreasing orders,

As consumers, businesses and computers are becoming more mobile and data intensive, the likes of Microsoft, Apple and Google are becoming vulnerable to smaller, nimbler competitors. For example, the once invincible Microsoft failed in its attempt to take on Apple's iPad. It is hoping to counter this through the purchase of Nokia (US $7 b.) to protect its core business (Windows Operating System, Office & Software, etc) from the likes of Apple, Google, etc. This acquisition turned another industry icon into a footnote in history books.



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