Xii) Keeping Development Of Disruptive Innovations In An Established Organisation And Using The Current Supply Chain That Is Organised Traditional Product/Service Categories

- established organisation and current supply chain players have too much interest in maintaining the status quo to take advantage of disruptive innovations. Sometimes, even for the development of sustaining innovations, it is best to start a new organisation. Usually these new, focused organisations can develop new products/services better than larger organisations. One example is in the health-care industry where the new sustaining innovations are developed for sale to other industry players.


"...established companies are prone to cram disruptive ideas into the mainstream market, forcing them to compete against consumption on a sustaining-technology basis......an organisation's processes and values ensure that it can only implement sustaining innovations..."

Clayton Christensen et al, 2003

If this happens, the chance of success with the disruptive innovation is very low!!!!

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