Organisational Change Management Volume 2

"Energy Unleashing" Leadership

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. Real change needs "energy unleashing" leadership, ie


Basic management

Visionary Leadership

Unleashing Leadership

Sets agenda by

Planning & budgeting

Developing visions & strategies

Helping people tap into their hopes & dreams

Organise resources to accomplish agendas by

Creating structures, hiring processes, training, etc

Communicating visions and strategies, giving buy-in

Helping people tap into, and be drawn together, trust by healthy (high integrity) human values

Executes by

Controlling, holding people accountable, problem solving, etc

Motivating with extrinsic and intrinsic rewards

Helping people tap into the tremendous source of energy that surrounds their hopes, dreams and cherished values


Creates very efficient systems with can run up to 50 mph

With competent management, can create growing, adaptive organisations which can run at 90 mph

With some competent management and visionary leadership, can create astounding groups which run and can manoeuvre at 180 mph

(source: John Kotter, 2003)


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