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Masterclass in Practical Organisational Change Management - PNG

An Essential Decision Maker's Guide.
Results-oriented, Interactive, Creative, Innovative & Participant-driven

Brochure - Change Management Masterclass pdf

Presenter: Bill Synnot - A globally renowned practical Change Management Consultant

Facilitator: Taito Tabaleka

Dates: coming again in 2017

Expressions of interest for the next Masterclass are now being taken

Schedule: starts at 8.00 am with breakfast provided at 7.30 am

Local Contact details:

Goini Loko
Tel: +657 3212 902
Honiara, Solomon Islands
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We recommend: attendance by Board members and Senior Executives, Permanent Secretaries, Senior and Line Managers, Political Parties, Land Owner Groups, Change Agents, Consultants (Internal and External) and anyone interested in change management.

Huge Savings ! No overseas airfares & expenses

Change management is a core competency - Ann Sherry

It is time to develop expertise to handle the future. The environment that we are now facing is more global, multi-polar, multi-cultural, cross-generational, complicated, uncertain and volatile but less predictable. Part of this is due to the turbulent, discontinuous, accelerating pace of change imposed on today’s individuals, organisations and country.

Change is everywhere!

PNG is changing rapidly and YOU NEED to EQUIP YOURSELF with PRACTICAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT TOOLS (including creative & innovative) to effect POSITIVE CHANGE for the BENEFIT of all PNG. DON'T MISS THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY !!

Change management, with creativity & innovation, are core competencies to handle the future.

This unique Change Management Masterclass is specifically designed for decision makers who are seeking hands-on, timely, innovative and cost-effective solutions to their challenges in today's environment.

Overcome Your Change Management Challenges with Practical Solutions

In this interactive 2-day workshop you will learn how to apply:

  • Formulate a bullet-proof action plan for change
  • Select innovative strategies to solve your Change challenges
  • Identify potential change project pitfalls and develop ways to avoid them
  • Employ key frameworks tested in and designed for local conditions
  • Learn a framework to determine ROI for change projects
  • Gain insights into the latest thinking, theories and trends in change management (including creativity & innovation)
  • Benefit from experts' and peers' decades of industry experience
  • Network with fellow change agents
  • And explore change implementation techniques (including creativity & innovation) relevant to you

Latest in change management principles developed for Papua New Guinea and neighbouring islands.

Learn from successful change management practical implementer - Bill Synnot

A unique Masterclass with limited numbers.

Workshop Structure

  • Change management best practice (including creativity & innovation)
  • Review of common management errors
  • Key frameworks, tools and techniques
  • Problem specific, facilitated workgroups to sharpen your change management expertise and plans
  • Practise implementation techniques (including creativity & innovation) relevant to your situation
  • Presentations and Q&A debrief

Participants' Toolbox

  • Complimentary USB covering the latest strategies, research and thoughts on Change management, common management errors, case studies 60+ frameworks, 250+ techniques & 1000+ references
  • Complimentary copy of "The Toolbox for Change" - 2nd Edition
  • Post-workshop individualised expert consultation
  • On-going delivery of relevant articles & newsletters

50+ frameworks 200+ techniques CD The Toolbox for Change book

Who should attend?

  • Board and Senior Executives - you need to understand..
  • Senior and Line Management - you need to know..
  • Project & Program Leaders, Change Agents, Communications Professionals, BPR Specialists, ICT Specialists, HR/OD/LD Professionals - you need feedback..
  • Consultants (Internal and External) - you need to keep up to date..
Bill Synnot picture

// Bill Synnot

is one of Australia's leading change management consultants. His firm has around 700+ clients world-wide in private, public, co-operative and not-for-profit sectors. Bill's approach is very practical as it is based on his experience as a change catalyst in management positions. For the last couple of decades, he has been conducting international, public Masterclasses with past partners including a leading Australian University's Executive Teaching Faculty, International Training Organisations and Tier-one Legal Firms.

Taito Tabaleka picture

// Taito Tabaleka

an experienced senior manager and consultant in ICT industry; specializes in change management, handling ICT in deregulated environment, innovative strategic management, negotiations and customer focus; currently operates his own consultancy business.

Past attendees from

PNG based: TelikomPNG, BSP, SP Brewery, Auditor Generals Office, WaterPNG, NCDC, PNGPower, NICTA, DPLGA, PNG Air Services, LMALA, NASFUND, PNG Microfinance, OK Tedi Mining, PNG Ports, Public Solicitor Office (PNG), PNG Immigration & Citizenship, Civil Aviation Authority and many more...

International: 700+ organisations have attended (including Boeing, Toyota, Westpac, News Limited, Australia Post, Telstra, Foxtel, ANZ, Coca Cola, DHL, Yellow Pages, Arnott Campbell, Brisbane City Council, Conrad Hotel Group, Cable & Wireless, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, Daimler Chrysler, FijiTV, Universities (Bond, MIT, QUT, Charles Sturt, USP, Fiji National, South Australia, Adelaide, Western Sydney, Victoria, etc), KPMG, Mars and many more...


"...the change tools and concepts presented in Change Master Class were very enlightening to lead and manage change..."

Brian Sam : Head of Change Management, Telikom PNG Limited

"...very rewarding, empowering and educational...."

Kupulu Mere : Business Transformation Manager, PNG Ports

"...these were the most fruitful 2 days of training that I have undergone for a long time...."

Frazer Sapulai Pitpit : Public Solicitor of PNG

"...the course gave an insight into change management and the different frameworks...."

Christine Bukikun : BSP

"...I truly value the concepts learnt at the training...."

Charlie Gilichibi : Acting Chief Operating Officer, NASFUND

"...the training is very inspiring...."

Lawes Omeri : PNG Microfinance Boroko Branch Manager

"...recommended to Government and SOE CEOs to attend...."

Raka Taviri : Acting CEO, water PNG

"...looking forward to using the tools at ABG...."

Stan Basiou : ABG

"...a very important management skill required by everyone. Very valuable...."

Udu Vai : NCDC

"...with these skills learnt I can make positive change and know how to deal with resistance...."

Benny Wusi : OK Tedi Mining

"...the systems introduced from your workshop will be invaluable to guiding our team through the change process...."

Joe S. Hamsen : General Manager, Lihir Mining Area Landowners Association Inc (PNG)

Register now for the next Change Management Masterclass

Expressions of interest

  • The highly successful Change Management Masterclass is now available for company specific, in-house delivery.
  • Expressions of interest now open for the next public Change Management Masterclass.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax on + 61 7 3399 7041 or call us on +61 418 196707 to discuss your needs.

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