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Interactive Change Management Masterclass - Fiji

Pacific TAFE (USP) in partnership with Bill Synnot & Associates

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After the very successful Fiji series with prominent corporate organisations and Government statutory bodies; the Change Management Masterclass is now available again with revised and improved management tools and frameworks.

Presenter: Bill Synnot - A globally renowned Change Management Leader

Dates: coming again in 2017

Expressions of interest for the next Masterclass are now being taken

Local Contact details:

Renu Devi
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Phone: +679 3231223 or 3231224


Subhash Appana
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Change management is a core competency - Ann Sherry

This unique Change Management Masterclass is specifically designed for decision makers who are seeking hands-on, timely and cost-effective solutions to their challenges in today's environment.

Overcome Your Change Management Challenges with Practical Solutions

In this interactive 2-day workshop you will learn how to apply:

  • Best Practice Change Management Frameworks, Tools and Techniques
  • Create strategies and formulate effective solutions for your organisation
  • Be ahead of the rest using the latest trends in your organisation

Recommended for Change Practitioners in all levels of Management from all size of organisations (small, medium & large) in all sectors like public, private, not-for-profit, etc

The latest change management principles developed for Fiji and its neighbouring island countries.

Learn from successful change management practitioners.

A unique interactive Masterclass with limited numbers.

Workshop Structure

  • Change management best practice
  • Review of common management errors
  • Key frameworks, tools and techniques
  • Problem specific, facilitated workgroups to sharpen your change management expertise and plans
  • Practise implementation techniques relevant to your situation
  • Presentations and Q&A debrief

Participants' Toolbox

  • Complimentary USB covering the latest strategies, research and thoughts on Change management, common management errors, case studies 60+ frameworks, 250+ techniques & 1300+ references
  • Complimentary copy of "The Toolbox for Change" - 2nd Edition
  • Complimentary background material
  • Free, 6 month subscription to recently developed App on change management, etc
  • A chance to win the latest iPhone
  • Post-workshop individualised expert consultation
  • On-going delivery of relevant articles

50+ frameworks 200+ techniques CD The Toolbox for Change book

Who should attend?

  • Board and Senior Executives - you need to understand..
  • Senior and Line Management - you need to know..
  • Project & Program Leaders, Change Agents, Communications Professionals, BPR Specialists, ICT Specialists, HR/OD/LD Professionals - you need feedback..
  • Consultants (Internal and External) - you need to keep up to date..
Bill Synnot picture

// Bill Synnot

is one of Australia's leading change management consultants. His firm has around 700+ clients world-wide in private, public, co-operative and not-for-profit sectors. Bill's approach is very practical as it is based on his experience as a change catalyst in management positions. He has been conducting public workshops on change management for over 10 years.

Former Participants in BSA Workshops

World-wide attendees have come from 700+ organisations (including around 200 Fijian-based organisations like TFL, FNPF, Reserve Bank of Fiji, Royal Fiji Military Force, Air Terminal Services (Fiji), ACATA Trust Fiji, Blight Water Shipping, Uni. of South Pacific (USP), Bank of South Pacific (BSP), Public Service Commission (PSC), Connect (Fiji), Carpenters Fiji, Cable & Wireless, Digicel, Election Office, Fintel, Total Fiji Limited, Transtel (Fiji), Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority (FRCA), Fiji Development Bank (FDB), Fiji Dept. of Agriculture, Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji Sun, Unit Trust of Fiji, William & Goslings, Water Authority of Fiji, Fiji Forest Industry Limited, Fiji Directories Limited, Fiji Gas, Fiji Police Force, Fiji Forestry Department, Fiji Times, Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption, Housing Authority (Fiji), ITC Fiji Government, Motibhai, Ministry of Provincial Development (Fiji), Ministry of Youth & Sports (Fiji), Merchant Finance (Fiji), Ministry of Health (Fiji), Northern Project (Fiji), Public Works Department (Fiji), Polynesian Shipping Lines, Pacific Horticultural & Agricultural Market Access, Pacific Centre for Peace Building, Peter Holdings (Fiji) and many more...


"...Talk about Change Management? This is the one to attend. It is very practical, very timely in consideration of local business challenges against the backdrop of global economic situation. A must to attend for CEO's and senior managers who want to continuously take their organisation to the next level......This is real practical stuff..."

Alipate Naiorosui, CEO Housing Authority, Fiji.

"...The Masterclass is very relevant considering the global economic meltdown and very practical in terms of the local Fiji business challenges. The frameworks and the tools to use are very practical and applicable in any situation. The experiences of what works and what does not is a great bonus for anyone attending. This is real practical stuff..."

Deve R Toganivalu, CEO Fiji Development Bank

"...I am extremely satisfied with the content and delivery and the excellent insights on our local setting and environment..."

Tevita Madigibuli - Senior Manager, Fiji Development Bank

"...Being someone coming in from a purely technical background and with limited experiences on change management, I found the programme to be very beneficial, especially with the added local flavour presented through the experiences you shared.......I'm currently working through the toolbox which I am finding of benefit personally, but will be at organisational level as well..."

Ioane Koroivuki, CEO, Fintel

"...The experience is interesting with participants from different backgrounds in the Masterclass broadens the awareness that all industries goes through the same road to before achieving successful outcomes. The networking established after the master Class is the most valuable experience achieved..."

Sakiasi Seru, Acting CEO, Telecom Fiji Limited

"...The value of attending the Change Master Class is in learning how to apply these critical tools to real life situations. The exchange of this knowledge by experienced change professionals makes the difference..."

Eugene Singh, COO, Telikom PNG, (previously General Manager, Strategy & New Venture, Telecom Fiji Ltd.)

"...This course is a must attend one for managers who want to make a difference in their workplace and home front as well. As you are aware, I have gone through it and learnt tones of knowledge and know-how of how to manage resources and empower people in the organization through team work..."

Soro Toutou, CEO, Office of the Supervisor of Elections (Fiji)

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Expressions of interest

  • The highly successful Change Management Masterclass is now available for company specific, in-house delivery.
  • Expressions of interest now open for the next public Change Management Masterclass.

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