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The Toolbox for Change: a practical approach covers 60 change implementation tools divided into 7 sections (general, personal awareness, understanding culture, creative thinking, understanding resistance, understanding teams, and understanding - value, vision and mission statements).

The Toolbox for Change: a practical approach


Using the tools
Tools ranked for ease of use
Setting the Scene
Section 1: General Tools
Section 2: Tools for Personal Awareness
Section 3: Understanding Culture
Section 4: Creative Thinking
Section 5: Tools for Understanding Resistance
Section 6: Tools for Understanding Teams
Section 7: Tools for Understanding Value, Vision and Mission Statements

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Book Description

Are you feeling bewildered with the amount of change going on?

Do you want to understand and modify others' behaviour and attitudes so that everyone "gets on better" and is more productive?

Do you want to improve your handling of people, especially those who disagree with or misunderstand you?

Do you want to improve your communication skills?

Do you want to function more productively?

Do you suffer from un-productive "busyness"?

Do you want to be more creative in developing fresh approaches to handling challenges?

Do you want to be more competitive?

Do you want to harness more support for a new direction?

If your answer is "YES" to any of these questions, you need this book!!!!!

Many publications refer to initiatives that might transform individuals, families, groups, organisations or communities, but there is little literature explaining just how to do it. This book fills that gap by providing the practical tools for achieving effective change on any scale.

With over 30 years of management and consulting experience and more than 350 clients world-wide, Bill Synnot is described as a guru in change management. He has conducted public workshops on change management since 1996.

Rosie Fitzgerald is a former secondary school English teacher who now operates her own business in a small country town. She has been very active in her local community.

Bill and Rosie have collaborated to collect, modify, develop and use many change implementation tools. They have selected the 60 most suitable 'do-it-yourself' tools for this book. These tools (some simple, some complex) will help you to:

  • identify problems that need solving (causes, not just symptoms)
  • achieve ownership of the problem
  • find the most appropriate solutions

The authors' complementary skills, experience and backgrounds have resulted in an easy-to-use book that is relevant to anyone interested in positive change.

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Praise for The Toolbox of Change:

Professor of Management, Associate Dean and Director of the Centre for Executive Education

"...Synnot & Fitzgerald provide a one-stop-shop for all of your change tool needs. The Toolbox for Change is really more like a treasure chest. From personal awareness to organisational culture to creativity and dealing with resistance and teams, the authors provide dozens of important tools for addressing change..."

James Carlopio

Bond University, Australia

PhD (UQ), PhD (Deakin), DLitt (IMCA, UK), Adjunct Professor

"...As the title suggests, this book takes a practical approach to change management, training and development......This comfortable marriage of conceptual/philosophical and practical information distinguishes the 'toolbox' from other practical handbooks and is a real strength of this book. The book is written in clear, concise, jargon-free English. It is logically structured in seven sections around 60 user-friendly tools, making it suitable for a do-it-yourself approach and with widespread application to individuals, groups/teams, organizations and communities..."

Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt

Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

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