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The Dunphy and Stace framework


Four Types of Change

  1. Fine tuning, ie a change that has minor impact
  2. Corporate transformation, ie massive change that impacts over all the organisation
  3. Modular transformation, ie major change but only to part of the business
  4. Incremental adjustment, ie some significant change in one area that impacts on all the organisation

What is the leadership or management style that best suits each of the above types of change? Usually a manager has one style of management, and this is why sometimes an outsider is hired as part of the change process. When the change process is finished, this manager moves on. This new manager has a fresh approach and is not encumbered with the history, etc of the organisation.


Four Styles of Leadership/Management (individual or team)

  1. Collaborative, ie maximum stakeholder involvement and time not important
  2. Consultative, ie other stakeholders allowed to input on decisions
  3. Directive, ie top management dominates but willing to hear suggestions
  4. Coercive, ie top down decision-making and degree of urgency


Matching Management Styles with Change



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