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Murri on a Mission – Gunnan Gunnan

Murri on a Mission – Gunnan Gunnan

by Albert Holt

Testimonial for Uncle Albert's book - Murri On A Mission

"...We have been guided by elders such as uncle Albert who have been generous with their time and their knowledge.

Uncle Albert has spent much of his life fostering greater understanding of the deep meaning of Aboriginal culture through his work as a police liaison officer, his efforts in helping to create the Murri Court, and by telling stories to school children . This book adds to the significant work he has already completed .

Uncle Albert knows the importance of respect, respect for yourself, for your culture and respect for others......I have personally learnt much from my friendship of Uncle Albert and this book will ensure even more people will benefit from his wisdom..."

Hon. Annastacia Plalasczuk, Premier of Queensland, Australia (2015)

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8 Values Highly Productive Companies book cover

The 8 Values of Highly Productive Companies

by Dr Tim Baker

The employment relationship as we know it is a relic of the last century. Globalisation and heightened competition are challenging organisations to be more responsive to fluctuations in market conditions and trends.

This book offers managers and professionals a new, research-based employment model that will alter the way employees and employers think about their working relationship, aligning the changing needs and interests of individuals & organisations to produce a sustainable, productive and profitable workplace.

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Forcibly Removed by Albert Holt

Forcibly Removed (2nd edition)

by Albert Holt

Testimonial for Uncle Albert's book - Forcibly Removed

"...Forcibly Removed - what a book! Uncle Albert - what a legend! The story of Uncle Albert's life journey of around 7 decades is a must read to get an understanding what it is like to be an Indigenous person living in a white-dominated society from early 20th century to now. His story of trials, tribulations, head-aches, heart-aches, joys, sadness, etc are told in a dignified and powerful way that is an inspiration to us all. Once I started to read his book, I could not put it down..."

Bill Synnot 2012

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Resovling Workplace Bullying book cover 3

Resolving Workplace Bullying

by Bernie Althofer

The 168 page book is based on scenarios, practical questions and helpful hints to help victims, alleged bullies, organisations, the medical and legal professions, family/friends and associates, investigators and the media understand issues involved in resolving workplace bullying and harassment.

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Consulting Contracting Freelancing book cover

Consulting Contracting & Freelancing – Be Your Own Boss

by Ian Benjamin

Self-employment as a service provider can give you the opportunity to work on your terms, in your preferred location and enjoy a lifestyle that is healthier, more relaxed and satisfying.

This practical book takes you through the steps to:

  • Realise your vision of successful self-employment into a viable consultancy, contracting or freelancing business.
  • Position yourself in the market place so that you will be recognised as a consultant, contractor or freelancer.
  • Discover the various marketing approaches you can use and determine which best suit your own style.
  • Develop a business plan which is realistic and effective, based on successful real examples.
  • Learn how to price your work, know what others are charging and how to negotiate price so that the focus is more on your work than on your fee.
  • Decide which of the various business structures - sole trader, partnership or incorporation - is best for you.
  • Be aware of pitfalls of solo practice so you can avoid them.

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The End of the Performance Review by Dr Tim Baker

The End of the Performance Review

by Dr Tim Baker

Testimonial for The End of the Performance Review by Dr Tim Baker

"...Neuroscience shows us that our brain does not like threats. Yet the traditional performance review approach is perceived as a threat by the brain. Our brain reacts to threats in a negative way like "fight, flight or freeze" and this discourages staff from improving their performance. Tim's 5 Conversations Framework is a positive approach that gets around the negative reaction of the brain. It will get the brain on side and working for the organisation, not against it..."

Bill Synnot, International Change Management Specialist/Uni Lecturer/Trainer/Executive Coach/Facilitator/Author, 2014

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Strategy by Design book cover

Strategy by Design: A process of Strategy Innovation

by James Carlopio

Strategy by Design illustrates how to use many of the principles, processes and tools of the design profession to create innovative break-through organizational strategies.

    • The Brief: Begin With the End in Mind
    • Research: The Art of Seeing the Different Way
    • Concept Generation: The Art (and Science) of Generating Different Views
    • Prototyping: Making an Idea Clearly Visible
    • Evaluation and Refinement
    • Delivery: Output and Presentation

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Pivot Point book cover

Pivot Point: Making the decisions that matter in business

by Dr Monique Beedles PhD

One of the most important issues facing business decision makers today is how to prepare for an uncertain future.

In Pivot Point, Corporate Strategist Dr Monique Beedles addresses the seven key decisions that every business must make.

Question by question, Pivot Point builds a robust decision making framework to propel your business forward.

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Changing Gears book cover

Changing Gears: The Strategic Implementation of Technology

by James Carlopio

The focus of this book is upon the implementation of new technology, strategy, business models, and new innovations. It takes a social-psychological perspective on the management of change and technology/strategy implementation and crosses the boundaries of change management, technology implementation, and organizational strategy

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Toolbox for Change book cover

The Toolbox for Change - A Practical Approach

by Bill Synnot & Rosie Fitzgerald

The Toolbox for Change - A Practical Approach, contains 60 valuable tools to help and guide your Change Management. These tools will:

  • help you to identify the real problems: the causes, rather than the symptoms, that need exploring to legitimise the need to change
  • encourage awareness and ownership by key stakeholders of the issues and of the need to change
  • increase dialogue among all parties affected by the change process so that there is a readiness to proceed with the adjustment (including how to handle any resistance).

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